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Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie

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Hello Daniel,

Thank you for your interest in my ‘67 Impala. I bought the car new in April 1967. Within 3 months I had installed hydraulic lift suspension in the front and rear and installed deep reversed chrome wheels.

A month or two later the body trim and door handles were removed and the car painted in a fuchsia colored metalflake. Later lace panels were added and outlined with pinstriping by my friend Walt Prey.

The first car show was at the Palladium in Hollywood. Later the car appeared in car show in Long Beach and the LA Sports Arena. It never appeared in any magazines because they didn’t domany articles about lowrider/custom cars at the time.

About a year later I sold the Impala and bought ‘66 Buick Riviera which I also customized.

Best regards,

Howard Gribble

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Ralph Steadman

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